New England Pet Partners, Inc. 501c.3 Community Pet Partner #46489

Sharing our pets to enhance well-being and education

We have pet assisted therapy team training (private coaching), Pet Partner Team Evaluations and events at Dog Talk LLC. Team training is NOT the Pet Partner Team Handler Course. It is preparing puppies/dogs and handlers for the basic skills and socialization that all dogs need to be happy, healthy and confident in real world (and unfamiliar) situations.

Visit Pet Partners (Washington State) and Pet Partner Team Handler Course.

Family and potential therapy dogs require the same socialization and manners to become happy, healthy and confident dogs. If you choose to take a team evaluation at this facility, also New England Pet Partners, be mindful that you will be checked as “familiar” and designated as “Predictable”.

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Volunteer Opportunity Form

Please fill out New England Pet Partners Volunteer Opportunity Form indicating that you would like to volunteer at a future New England Pet Partner event and/or team evaluation.

When we post Team Evaluations, we need (3) Evaluator Assistants. Volunteer Leader contact is: Kath Delong

Team Evaluator volunteer opportunities give you the chance to meet experienced teams, participate, observe and assist at team evaluations.

Note: Team Evaluator Volunteers need to read the Pet Partner Evaluator Assistant Guidelines. When we hear from you, we will send you one or download here:

Pet Partner Evaluation Assistant Guidelines

NEPP Volunteer Opportunity Form  

NEPP Events

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NEPP Board Meetings - 2023 By invite only

Saturday 4/8, 8/19, 12/16


4/22 Saturday / Team Evaluation Complete

7/22 Saturday / Team Evaluation Registration

10/28 Saturday / Team Evaluation Registration  

Team Evaluation Registration: Please follow these instructions. This is a fillable form that we “must” have before confirming Team Evaluations. It helps us organize the day.

  1. Sign up at Pet Partners   
  2. Fill out and return NEPP’s Registration Form. If you can’t fill out the form, print, fill-out, scan and return via Email to
  3. Payment is expected on day of evaluation. TY.


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